UGTA’s solidarity with Saharawis confirms Algeria’s historical, constant support to fair cause, says Sayed

Съжаляваме, тази публикация е налична само на Английски (Сащ), Френски и Арабски.


APS : Sunday, 01 May 2016

ANNABA (Algeria)- General Union of Algerian Workers (UGTA)’s solidarity gesture confirms “Algeria’s historical and constant support to the just cause of Western Sahara,”
the minister of State, adviser at the presidency of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), Bachir Mustapha Sayed, said Sunday in Annaba (600-km east of Algiers).
In a workers’ meeting marking the Labour Day at Mohamed Boudiaf Palace of Culture, at the initiative of UGTA’s provincial office, Bachir Mustapha Sayed underlined that Algeria’s position towards the Saharawi cause “gives more strength, confidence and determination to Saharawi government and people to recover their sovereignty over their occupied territory.”
In the presence of Annaba’s local civil and military officials, a high-level Saharawi delegation , unionists and students, the director of the political commission of the Saharawi Liberation Army, Youcef Ahmed Salem, the head of the Saharawi Consultative Council, Abdelaziz Chikhane, and Abida Sid Ahmed, a member of the executive board of the Saharawi Workers Union, Sayed said the solidarity expressed is a “strong message” from all Algeria and its president, mujaheed (liberation war veteran) Abdelaziz Bouteflika, reiterating that “the support to Saharawi people is unfailing and uninterrupted.”

Mohamed Tayeb Hamrania, a member of UGTA’s national office, said in an address that solidarity with the Saharawi cause is a “confirmation of central union’s positions towards just causes and Saharawi people’s self-determination.”

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