(English) Communiqué of the Ministry – Niger

Съжаляваме, тази публикация е налична само на Английски (Сащ), Френски и Арабски.

The ambassador of the Republic of Niger to Algiers, Aminou Malam Manzo, was called Thursday to the headquarters of the Foreign ministry where he was received by the director general of Africa, Selma Malika Haddadi.

The meeting mainly focused on cooperation between the two countries in terms of the repatriation of Niger’s nationals residing illegally on the Algerian territory. Such cooperation was the subject of some judgments made by Niger’s authorities, and which the Algerian side considers unfounded.

The ambassador of the Republic of Niger was reminded that there is a bilateral framework dedicated to the issue. He was told that this framework should remain the prime spot for discussing and dealing with the relevant data and developments.

The ambassador of Niger was also told that Algeria was strongly committed to the fundamental rules of good neighborliness and its willingness to continue coordination with Niger on the migration issue and any other issue, in mutual respect and on the basis of the values of cooperation, trust and solidarity.

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