(English) Algeria to review relation strategic partners, says Boukadoum

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APS : Sunday, 06 September 2020

ALGIERS- Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum said that Algeria’s relations with its strategic partners will be reviewed so they preserve the interests of the country, saying to privilege “effectiveness and pragmatism over controversy and announcement effects.”
The “relations with Algeria’s strategic partners will be reviewed, in order to provide a counterweight,” the minister said in an interview with El Djeich magazine.

The “considerations of pragmatism and the protection of the interests of our country should henceforth be the priority in the relations with Algeria’s foreign partners, as part of a (all-win) approach,” said the minister in this interview to the monthly review of the National People’s Army (ANP).

Sabri Boukadoum stressed that thet Algerian diplomacy has always “privileged efficiency over controversy and empty announcement effects.”
Our diplomacy “will also work to promote the dynamics of cooperation, partnership and integration in all groups, to which Algeria belongs, namely the Maghreb, the Sahel, Africa, the Arab world, the Islamic Ummah and the Mediterranean area.

The minister told the Army magazine El Djeich that our diplomats are “mobilized like peacekeepers to contribute to the next stages of the national renewal led by the President of the Republic”.
“The diplomacy of any State is only a mirror reflecting the situation which prevails there and the degree of harmony of its home front and the solidity of its institutions,” said Boukadoum.

Algeria has “strongly regained” its place at the regional and international level, said the minister, explaining that this was “the outcome of a new era that Algeria is experiencing through the president of the Republic’s plan to build a new Republic based on an effective foreign policy that serves the interests of the State.”
This confirms “the importance of preserving the national consensus around foreign policy” as “an important asset” for the diplomatic apparatus and for all the institutions involved in the implementation of foreign policy.

It also embodies an asset to be developed in order to “strengthen Algeria’s positions and its achievements in international forums,” he said.
“We are convinced that the Algerian diplomacy, with its rich history of achievements, will continue its tireless work to implement the major trends and priorities of foreign policy, with particular attention to Africa, and to increase our presence and our influence in the Sahel and Maghreb regions,” concluded the Minister.

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