Yousfi invites French companies interested in investing in Algeria to adopt long term vision

APS : Wednesday, 07 February 2018
ALGIERS- Minister of Industry and Mining Youcef Yousfi invited Wednesday, in Algiers, the French companies to take advantage of the huge potentialities of the Algerian market by investing
in different fields while adopting a long term vision.
“I invite the French companies to come and work with Algerian partners. There is work to be done. There are different fields which are open to partnership. There are currently difficulties but we work at the governmental level to address them,” he said in an Algerian-French forum organized jointly by FCE and MEDEF.
“But you have to be patient, don’t be discouraged in the face of difficulties and look at the long term,” he insisted.
He pointed out, before French and Algerian businessmen, that many foreign companies have invested in Algeria and were able to overcome difficulties, notably in terms of business climate.
Many companies around the world are aware of Algeria’s industrial potentialities and want to invest in it, he said, adding that the country has today many assets to succeed its diversification process.
While broaching several projects carried out in Algeria in partnership, he said that only few partnerships were unsuccessful.
Concerning the difficulty broached by some French companies concerning the rule 49/51%, Yousfi noted that this rule didn’t discourage investors, whether they are Americans, Germans, Austrians, Swiss or Chinese.

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