Algeria at a Glance

An overview and important facts about Algeria, including area, population, capital city, parliamentary system and government officials, official working hours, national holidays and other quick facts you need to know about the country. More »


Algeria’s population has been influenced by a variety of peoples crossing the North African region towards Europe and the Middle East. Its language and culture have been shaped by conquering and colonizing Carthaginians… More »

Art and Culture

An overview of Algerian art and culture. On this page you can listen to some traditional music and see galleries of musical instruments, dress, ceramics, handcrafts, jewelry, paintings, etc. More »


A detailed view of the different aspects of the Algerian economy, including information about macroeconomic data, transport and it sector. More »

Doing Business

Different business tips and information, including an introduction to Algerian business etiquette, the key tax laws and some tips for trade with the country. More »


Travel information and guides for your visit to Algeria. The page includes an overview of the tourism sector, some travel tips and tourism destinations. More »