Tourism: Algeria participates in 39th Holiday & Spa Fair in Bulgaria

APS : Wednesday, 15 February 2023

ALGIERS- Algeria is taking part as from Wednesday in the 39th Holiday & Spa International Tourism Fair, held in Sofia in Bulgaria, the National Tourism Office (ONT) said in a statement.

This first participation in this three-day Fair comes within the framework of the “implementation of the sector’s policy for the promotion and development of the tourism destination Algeria at the international level and the execution of ONT’s action plan for 2023 aimed the opening of new markets, the promotion of the destination Algeria in the eastern European countries and its introduction into the tourism programmes notably in terms of spa tourism, thalassotherapy and Saharan tourism, given the huge assets our country possesses likely to attract visitors and specialized operators,” the ministry said.

In this regard, ONT reserved and equipped a pavilion which will enable “shedding light on the cultural and touristic diversity of our country.”

The Office is working with national tourism operators on “promoting the destination Algeria, North Africa’s biggest tourism destination, marketing their products and presenting their touristic programmes, pending the holding of working meetings with Bulgarian and international tourism operators and professionals,” according to the source.

The Fair will be “an opportunity to get closer to the visitors and provide them with the information and explanations on destination Algeria,” added the source.

This event provides for a rich cultural programme led by a Saharan Algerian musical troupe, as well as a handicraft exhibition to “allow the pavilion’s visitors to discover the diversity of our country’s cultural and civilizational heritage.”

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