Surface: 2,381,741 km²
Population: 43 900 000 (01.01.2020)
Capital city: Algiers ( 3 445418 inhabitants)
Administrative Divisions: 48 (more information)
System of Government: Republic
Economic System: Market Economy
President: Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune
Prime Minister: Mr. Abdelaziz Djerad
The Parliament: bicameral
The Council of the Nation / Speaker: Mr.Salah Goudjil
The National People’s Assembly / Speaker: Mr. Slimane Chenine
The Council of Ministers is chaired by the President of the Republic
The Council of Government is chaired by the Head of Government
National day: Anniversary of the Revolution, November 1st (1954) (1st November 1954 Declaration)
National Anthem: “Kassaman” (“We Pledge”)
Constitution: last revision February 7, 2016, issued March 7, 2016
Local Time: (unchanged throughout the year) is GMT+1
Electrical System: Appliances use 220V
Weights and Measures: The MKSA (Metre, Kilogram, Second, Ampere) system is used in Algeria

Official working days & hours

from Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 -16:30 (12:30-13:30 lunch break)

National holidays

  • New Year’s Day : January 1st (one day)
  • Labor day : May 1st (one day)
  • Independence Day : July 5th (one day)
  • Anniversary of Revolutaion : November 1st (one day) – National Day

Religious holidays set on the basis of the lunar calendar of Islam

  • Awal Mouharem (Islamic New Year / one day)
  • Achoura (10th day of the lunar month of Mouharem / one day)
  • Mouloud (12th day of the lunar month of Rabi-al-awal /one day)
  • Eid-Al-Fitr (End of the month of Ramadan /two days)
  • Eid-Al-Adha (Holiday of Sacrifice, 2months and 10 days after Eid-al-Fitr /two days)

Cost of Living

The following table compares the costs of some basic products in Algiers, Algeria and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Product Cost in Algiers Cost in Sofia
Bread $0,13 $0,70
Milk $0,25 $1,11
Water 1.5 l $0,28 $0,50
Meal for two (restaurant) $23,44 $22,45
Taxi (1km within center) $0,26 $0,45

Basic Data and Basic infrastructure

Road network: 120.000 km, including 2,400 km of freeways and expressways.
Airports: 35, including 13 conforming to international standards.
Main seaports13 (Algiers, Annaba, Arzew, BejaÏa, Béni Saf, Dellys, Djendjen, Ghazaouet, Jijel, Mostaganem, Oran, Skikda, Ténès).
Railroad transportation: 4,500 km (200 operational commercial train stations).
Fiber optic cabling: 8500 km.
Number of telephone landlines:  3,7 million subscribers
Mobile telephones: About 47 million lines in 2016
Number of automobiles: 3.6 million units, 65% of which are private vehicles and 35% are considered utilitarian. The market is experiencing very strong growth to reduce the average age of vehicles on the road. Number of the passenger cars for 1000 inhabitants – 128 ( 2016 )
Internet: 45,2 %  march/ 2017.
Electricity: 95% of the territory has electricity, 97% of households are connected to the network.
Natural gas: 35% of households are connected to the natural gas distribution network.



  • Birth rate:  2.6%.
  • Fertility index: 3,1 (2016).
  • Life expectancy: 77,6 years (2016)
  • Population -15 years : 28,40% (2016)
  • Population over 64 years : 5,72% (2016)


  • Written press: 400 weekly or monthly publications. Approximately forty dailies. 2 million copies/per day.

Education -Training Health

  • Primary and secondary schooling: more than 8 million students.
  • Higher education: more than 1.3 million students.
  • Hospital infrastructure: 100.000 beds (13 university hospital centers).
  • Medical coverage: 1,3 doctor per 1,000 inhabitants.