H.E. Mr. Messaoud MEHILA

Ambassador of Algeria in Sofia

Ambassador’s address

My warmest greetings to my compatriots and all Bulgarian friends

I would like to announce that I presented on 25th July, to Mr Rumen RADEV, President of Bulgaria, the letters by which president Abdelmadjid TEBBOUNE has accredited me as ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria to the Republic of Bulgaria, two very friendly countries since the Algeria liberation war starting 1954.

I’m proud to represent my country to this beautiful country which was after 1962, year of independence and the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two nations, among a number of countries Algeria relied on to start the huge mission awaiting her to quit a zone of misery and ignorance imposed by colonialism to reach a more human situation with a high level of development and a more brighter future for its rising generations.  Many Bulgarians were in Algeria contributing with great success in constructing different infrastructure projects, teaching in universities and treating hundreds of persons in hospitals. This tremendous effort of cooperation and solidarity will remain in memory of thousands of people in both sides.

This fabulous legacy of a historical relationship should encourage us to redouble our efforts to keep this sincere and productive partnership and to work harder to modernize it and identify other sectors to extend this fruitful cooperation to the benefit of both nations.  I am determinated, as I have been instructed for, to do my best, in coordination with Bulgarians authorities to find ways and means to give bilateral partnership more consistence and effectiveness. I am therefore, welcoming any initiatives coming from my compatriots or from friends from Bulgaria aiming at improving or reinforcing   partnership between Algeria and Bulgaria.

Long life to Algerian-Bulgarian relations.


Yours sincerely