Year 2019 to be that of non-hydrocarbon exports

APS : Wednesday, 09 January 2019
TLEMCEN- Minister of Trade Said Djellab affirmed that the year 2019 will be that of non-hydrocarbon exports.
In a press conference,
held on the sidelines of the inauguration of the 1st regional exhibition of industry and exports, held at the palace of exhibitions in Tlemcen, the minister said that the first export operation for this new year will be from Ain Guezzam (Tamanrasset) to Niger. 150 trucks loaded with building materials and detergents, amounting to USD4.5 million, will be exported to this neighboring country, he added.
This first export operation will be followed by another concerning paper, from Tlemcen to Switzerland, Lebanon, Tunisia and Morocco.
The minister announced that big export operation is under preparation this year. The concerned products are notably cement, plastic, pharmaceuticals, detergents, agri-food products. He ensured that 2019’s exports will be higher than the previous year.
“In 2018, the value of the non-hydrocarbon exports reached USD2.830 billion against USD1.900 billion, up by 47%,” underlined Djellab.
He affirmed that “the future short and medium terms vision, as part of the national export strategy, works to strengthen the place of the Algerian products in the national markets in order to progressively replace the imported products and then their support and their placement in foreign markets .”

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