WTO: Uruguayan Gustavo Miguel, new chairman of working group on Algeria accession

APS : Saturday, 14 January 2017
ALGIERS – Uruguayan Gustavo Miguel Vanerio Balbela has been appointed as the new chairman of the working group on Algeria’s accession to the WTO, replacing Alberto D’Alotto (Argentina), said the latest newsletter on WTO accessions published on its website.
Balbela received an invitation from Trade Minister Bakhti Belaïb to visit Algiers in order “to discuss the next steps of the working group, which had not met since March 2014, “the source said.
The mandate of Alberto D’Alotto as permanent representative of Argentina to WTO expired last May.
The presidents of the working groups are nominated among the ambassadors, the permanent representatives of the World Trade Organization member countries.
Balbela becomes the 6th chairman of the working group for Algeria’s accession to the WTO after Alberto D’Alotto of Argentina (July 2012-May 2016), François Roux (November 2011-June 2012) , the two Uruguayans Guillermo Valles Galmés (May 2004-July 2010) and Carlos Pérez Del Castillo (July 1998-May 2004) and the Argentinean Juan Carlos Sanchez (February 1994-July 1998).
In 1987, Algeria was candidate to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, which became WTO.
The first document on its trade regime was tabled in 1996, while the first meeting of the working group to consider its candidature was held in 1998.
To date, Algeria has conducted 12 rounds of multilateral negotiations during which it handled 1,900 issues essentially related to its economic system.

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