World Tourism Day: "Couscous Day" celebrated in Oran

APS : Thursday, 26 September 2019
ORAN(ALGERIA)-On the sidelines of the World Tourism Day, a group of craftsmen celebrated Thursday, at Hai Es-sabah Craft House (east of Oran), the Couscous Day at
Hai Es-sabah Craft House (east of Oran) in a traditional and friendly atmosphere.
The objective of this event is to promote the Oranese couscous and its specificities, said Sakina Zeddour, the event’s manager.
The Oranese Couscous Day is an opportunity to display a varied range of couscous, she added.
A local troupe graced the audience with Oranese songs under the direction of composer Hadj Mohamed, while poetic recitals were given by the poetess Abbès Maissa.

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