WEC's Energy Trilemma Index: Algeria ranks 57th

APS : Monday, 06 June 2016
ALGIERS-Algeria ranks 57th among 130 countries in terms of balance between energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability, according the Energy Trilemma Index released by the World Energy Council (WEC).
According to this index, Algeria ranks 1st in North Africa while Switzerland ranks 1st globally. For its part, Benin lingers at the bottom of the index.
This ranking, presented by president of the Communication and Strategy Committee at the WEC Jean-Marie Dauger part of a workshop held Thursday in Algiers by the Algerian Energy Committee, focuses on the trilemma between energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability.
Dauger discussed energy prospects by 2050.
According to him, the world energy mix will be still heavily composed of fossil fuels. “The energy mix will be composed of fossil fuels between 65 and 75 % by 2050,” he affirmed.
To help countries equilibrate between the three elements of the energy trilemma, the WEC recommends further focus on renewable energies, generalizing access to energy, encouraging competitiveness between energy providers and providing necessary means for energy efficiency.

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