Unconventional gas, oil: Algerian reserves revised upward

APS : Monday, 28 January 2019
ALGIERS- National reserves in unconventional hydrocarbon have been considerably revised upward resulting in Algeria being ranked third in gas and seventh in oil in world rankings, according to
a new research by the National Agency for Hydrocarbon resources development Alnaft, has disclosed Monday in Algiers.
The research, presented by the head of Mining Promotion Department at Alnaft, Mahmoud Djidjeli, in a technical workshop on geosciences, has found that Algeria’s unconventional resources amount to 9,818 TCF (Trillion Cubic Feet) of gas and 1,194 billion barrels of oil, against 6,025 TCF of gas and 176 billion barrels of oil according to previous studies carried out in the period between 2012 and 2013.
Comparatively with previous studies, the findings represent a significant leap in unconventional reserves, as they show an increase by 30% in gas and 250% in oil.
With the new data, Algeria has moved from the fourth to the third position in world rankings in shale gas reserves, after the United States and China.
In shale oil, Algeria ranks seventh (11th previously) in the world rankings, after Russia, the United States, China, Argentina, Libya and Australia.

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