U.S. supports Algeria’s economic diversification efforts


APS : Tuesday, 26 July 2016

ALGIERS- US Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday said that U.S. supports Algeria in its efforts for diversifying its economy, noting a “deepening” partnership between the two countries, covering all areas.
“Algeria move to diversify is a smart move since it’s challenging times (fall in oil prices) and we support the diversification of the Algerian economy,” Blinken said in an interview to APS at the end of his visit to Algeria.
According to the US diplomat, absent diversification “would make it difficult for countries to succeed economically.”
Blinken said that Algeria is making efforts in a bid to diversify its economy, within the Energy sector notably by developing renewable energies, but also more broadly in the economic sectors.
“We will continue to closely work to develop the renewable energies where Algeria has accomplished real strides,” he added.
The US Deputy Secretary of State, however, stressed that it is “important” that the Algerian government continues to take steps to make business climate as good as possible to attract more foreign investments, including from the US.
Highlighting the assets and strengths possessed by Algeria, in particular its geographic situation and its human resources, the US diplomat said he discussed with Algerian senior officials about the 51/49 rule and the procedures related to the creation and the establishment of companies.
About his visit to Algeria, he said that he had “very good” discussions with the Algerian officials, expressing the wish to “deepen our relationship with Algeria, economically, culturally and especially exchanges between the two peoples.”
In this regard, Blinken announced that the American School will open its stores within just a month and will be a “wonderful way to link the two countries and the two peoples.”
Moreover, the US official said that he visited the Moudjahid Museum which was “a powerful experience” that enables him to “see Algeria’s history and the struggle and sacrifices of its people for recovering its independence and freedom.

Algeria’s leadership in the region welcomed
The US Deputy Secretary General welcomed Algeria role and efforts for the reestablishment of peace and security in the region.
“Algeria’s leadership for restore peace in Libya, Mali and in Syria is very important and for each of those issues we are working closely,” he added.
According to the US Deputy Secretary of State, the current period is “very challenging.”
“This is why Algeria must continue to ensure its leadership and continue to work for restoring peace and security as well as the economic development of the region,” he affirmed.
In this regard, Blinken welcomed the “crucial” role of Algeria in the conclusion of the peace and reconciliation accord in Mali “which must be fully implemented by all the parties.”

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