Trade: Europe, Algeria’s main partner in 2019

APS : Monday, 24 February 2020

ALGIERS- The bulk of Algeria’s trade in 2019 was with European countries, accounting for 58.14% of the total value of exchanges, the general management of the Customs told APS on Monday.
Trade between Algeria and European countries, including the European Union (EU), amounted to USD45.21 billion in 2019, against USD51.96 billion in the previous year, down by 13%, according to the figures of the Customs’ Research and Prospects Department.
The European countries remain the major partners of Algeria, given that 63.69% of Algerian exports and 53.40% of imports came from this continent, including the European Union (EU).
Algerian exports to Europe reached USD22.81 billion, against some USD26.55 billion, down -14.08%.
It imported from Europe goods estimated at USD22.39 billion, against some USD25.41 billion, down 11.87%.
France, Italy, Spain and Great Britain are still Algeria’s main European partners, the source said.
Asian countries come in the second position in trade with Algeria, with 23.92% of the total value.
Trade between Algerian and Asian countries recorded a slight fall (2.44%) to USD18.60 billion, from USD19.06 billion.
Algeria sold to Asia goods estimated at USD6.42 billion, against USD 5.77 billion in 2019, a rise by 11.28%.
Its imports from this continent dropped by 8.40% to USD12.17 billion, from USD13.29 billion.
China, India, Saudi Arabia and Korea are Algeria’s main partners in Asia, according to the Customs figures.
Trade between Algeria and the rest of the world (America, Africa and Oceania) shows “small percentages.”
American countries are Algeria’s third partners with 26.51% of the total value, totalling USD9.52 billion against USD12.95 billion, down by 26.48%.
Algerian exports to American countries in 2019 declined by 44.85%, to USD3.8 billion in 2019 from USD7.04 billion in 2018.
Algeria imported from that region USD5.63 billion, against USD5.91 billion, down by 4.66%, according to the Customs figures.
Algeria’s main partners in America are Argentina, the United States, Brazil and Cuba.

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