Tourism: Algeria chosen for implementation of capacity-building programme of region’s countries

APS : Tuesday, 14 February 2017
ALGIERS- Minister of National Planning, Tourism, and Craft Industry Abdelwahab Nouri said Tuesday, that Algeria was chosen as a pole to house the capacity-building programme of countries of the Northern and Western regions of
Africa, considering “the qualitative leap” experienced in terms of the elaboration of statistical systems in the sector of tourism.
“The ambitious programme which will be crowned in 2019 by the holding of a regional meeting for the presentation and evaluation of its results will contribute to the strengthening of training and qualification in tourism,” said Nouri, who chaired the official launch of the World Tourism Organization’s statistics capacity-building programme of the region.
The programme, which spreads over three years (2017-2019) aims at ensuring “the training of a group of experts in the field of statistical methodology recommended by the United Nations.”
He underlined in this regard “Algeria’s special position on the African, Arab and Mediterranean levels in the field of tourism,” which needs, according to him, “more efforts with all the partners to achieve an Algerian tourist destination that meets the demands of global tourism.”
Nouri recalled the “interest granted by the President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika in his development programme for the sector of tourism,” citing the master plan for tourism development by 2030 which is a “referential framework for tourism police in Algeria.”

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