Tourism: 70 thermal springs attributed for exploitation

APS : Sunday, 09 April 2017
ALGIERS- 70 thermal springs out of the 282 springs in Algeria have been attributed to developers as part of the promotion of the thermal tourism,
Djamel Alili, director of thermal activities at the ministry of Town Planning, Tourism and Craft Industry told APS on Sunday.
Concessions for the exploitation of 70 thermal springs have been granted to private investors by an inter-ministerial committee composed of officials from ministries of Tourism, Health and Water Resources, added Alili.
Those thermal sites are located in 24 provinces, namely Setif, Guelma, Khenchla, Mila, Biskra, Ain Timouchent, Blida and Ain Defla, Saida, Tissemsilt, Djelfa, El Oued, Mascara, Tlemcen and Oran count 8 public spas which are currently being modernized and reorganized.
Alili added that the statistics conducted in 2015 showed that Algeria possesses 282 thermal sites, 61% of them are natural mineral water sources in the north of the country and 39% of them are underground water sources in the south of the country.
The same official said that 30 thermal tourism projects, costing more than 12 billion dinars are under construction and will help create nearly 2000 jobs.

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