Tosyali steel complex exports 8000 tonnes of wire rod to Romania, Italy


ORAN (Algeria)- Tosyali steel complex of Bethioua, Oran (432-km west of Algiers), has exported 8000 tonnes of wire rod to Romania and Italy, the steel plant’s communication unit said Tuesday.
Two cargoes, part of an export operation, the third of its kind and the ninth for the various products of Tosyali steel complex of Bethioua in 2020, were loaded on Tuesday from the ports of Mostaganem and Arzew, Oran, the source said.
A total of 5000 tonnes of wire rod were transported from the port of Mostaganem to the port of Braila, Romania, and 3000 additional tonnes from the port of Arzew to the port of Catania, Italy.
Tosyali complex has exported more than 67,000 tonnes of reinforcing bars to England, Canada and the United States and nearly 3000 tonnes of large steel pipe as well as more than 3000 tonnes of wire rod to Senegal in 2020.

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