Tiguentourine gas complex runs at full production capacity

APS : Thursday, 04 August 2016
ALGIERS- The gas complex of Tiguentourine has resumed “full production” after the recent restart of Train 3, said the national hydrocarbon company SONATRACH in a statement on Thursday.
“SONATRACH announces the restart of Train 3 of Tiguentourine gas complex since 27 July 2016, after the completion of the repair works and integrity checking,” said the national company.
“After trains 1 and 2 were put on stream in 2013, Tiguentourine complex is now running at its full production capacity with the restart of Train 3,” added the statement.
Train 3 was damaged during the terrorist attack that targeted Tiguentourine gas complex in January 2013, recalled SONATRACH.
“Conducted by a very professional Algerian skilled team, the repair works were economically and politically successful for our country, for SONATRACH and for its partners,” said the company’s statement.
SONATRACH also hailed the spirit of solidarity and commitment showed by its staff and its partners during the repair works.

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