Terrorism: UN Experts recommend implementation of Memorandum of Algiers to deal with abductions for ransom

ALGIERS-International experts stressed Monday in Algiers the importance of a “rigorous” implementation of the Memorandum of Algiers in the fight against abductions for ransom, and hailed counterterrorism efforts made by the Algerian government.
Experts in security issues participate in a workshop on the best international practices in the prevention of abductions for ransom, jointly held by the United Nations Centre for Counterterrorism (UNCCT) and the African Centre for Studies and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT).
They stressed that an “genuine implementation” of the Memorandum of Algiers on the good practices in the prevention of abductions for ransoms and the eradication of related advantages would strongly back the efforts made by governments for the improvement of the efficiency of their fight against abductions and terrorism.
The fight against abductions for ransoms is a an important part in counterterrorism as these amounts of money paid for the release of hostages “greatly contribute to the financing of terrorist organizations,” said the UN Resident-Coordinator in Algeria Eric Overvest.
Referring to the Memorandum of Algiers, Overvest focused on its implementation to put an end to abductions for ransom.
“We have noticed an upsurge of abductions for ransom in the Sahel region in the last years. ISIS and Al Qaida terrorist groups are increasingly restoring to this kind of operations as a mean to collect funds,” he said, stressing that in addition to journalists, diplomats, NGOs representatives and tourists, the great majority of abductions affect local populations.
“Algeria has a long experience in the fight against terrorist, particularly the fight against abductions for ransom and many countries seek to share this experience as part of this project,” stated Overvest.
For his part, ACSRT Representative Kutoati Adjemoda said that Algeria was “a model” in this fight and has a “great experience,” calling for “its rigorous implementation.”
Japan’s ambassador to Algiers Masaya Fujiwara hailed Algeria’s efforts to share its experience in the fight against terrorism, and welcomed the holding on the last July by the Foreign Ministry of a workshop on the role of national reconciliation in the prevention and fight against radicalism and terrorism.

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