Mr Attaf holds bilateral meetings in Copenhagen with many counterparts

The minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ahmed Attaf, held Thursday, in Copenhagen, Denmark, bilateral meetings with his counterparts from Denmark, Norway, South Africa, Ghana, Libya, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe and Uganda, on the sidelines of the works of the 21st Nordic-Africa Foreign Ministers Meeting.

The discussions focused on the main themes and issues on the agenda of this year’s ministerial meeting being held in the light of the significant outcome of the previous session in Algeria, last October.

The participants stressed the special nature of partnership between Africa and Nordic nations, one of the oldest to unify the African continent and among the most sustainable and regular partnerships in terms of meetings.

They added that partnership between African and Nordic countries is a partnership between two groups attaching special interest and utmost importance to the promotion of UN values and the strengthening of the foundations of the multilateral international system‎.

The discussions were also an opportunity to consider the bilateral relations with those friendly countries and to examine the ways to promote and expand them.

They also were an occasion to exchange views and analyses on topical issues and the latest developments at the regional and international levels.

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