Sustainable development in Sahel, Africa dependent on NEPAD

APS : Thursday, 08 November 2018
TAMANRASSET-Participants in the international network on the NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa’s Development) initiative revival bank on this mechanism to ensure security and stability
in the Sahel region and Africa in general.
The meeting was an opportunity to make presentations on various aspects of development in Africa, the efforts and mechanisms for its revival, including the NEPAD, which frames the efforts of the African Union (AU) to achieve sustainable development.
For the dean of the faculty of political sciences in Ouargla, Goui Bouhenya, this initiative, in Algeria plays a key role, has transformed from a simple initiative into an agency (AU development agency) that adopted a series of strategic projects likely to dry up the sources of terrorism and face cross-border crime and economic threats.
Economic projects with an added value include the trans-Saharan road, the optic fiber connection project and the Afripol headquarters in Algiers, he stressed.
The speaker also underscored Algeria’s role as a “peace exporter” through its involvement in the resolution of conflicts in the Sahel region, in addition to the principles of dialogue and non-interference in the international affairs of countries, which earned it a great respect.
NEPAD’s new strategy must be based on the enhancement of economic relations between countries in the region as well as the creation of interaction opportunities between border populations. Moreover, effective assessment mechanisms are necessary to monitor the implementation of the projects adopted under the NEPAD, stated Brahim Made Kounte (Malian researcher and journalist).
Kounte also welcomed the organization of such workshops, notably at border regions, in order to involve populations in combating terrorism and organized crime.

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