Steel complex Bellara fully operation late November

28 August 2019
ALGIERS- The steel complex of Bellara, Jijel (359-km east of Algiers), the outcome of a partnership between Algeria and Qatar, is to be fully operational by the end of November 2019, the ministry of Industry and Mines said in statement posted on its official website.
In an audience she granted Tuesday to Qatar’s Ambassador to Algeria, Hassane Ibrahim EL Malki, Minister of Industry and Mines Djamila Tamazirt said she welcomed the progress of work, as the project “is 97 completed and will be inaugurated and fully operational by late November 2019,” the statement said.
The meeting between the minister and the Qatari Ambassador was an opportunity for the two sides to examine the growing bilateral economic and industrial cooperation, according to the statement.
The two officials expressed satisfaction with the Algerian-Qatari partnership in the industrial field, especially the steel complex of Bellara in Jijel.

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