Sonelgaz, Mauritania’s HB seal deal on joint projects

APS : Wednesday, 27 February 2019
ALGIERS- A memorandum of understanding between Sonelgaz and the Mauritanian group HB was signed Wednesday in Algiers for the joint execution of energy projects and the marketing of
Algerian electrical equipment in Mauritania and other African countries.
This MoU was initialed by CEO of Sonelgaz group Mohamed Arkab, and that of HB, Hamadi Bouchraya.
Through this Memorandum of Understanding, the two Algerian and Mauritanian Groups seek to forge a lasting partnership enabling their subsidiaries to execute projects of electricity and gas transmission and distribution in Mauritania and other African countries. Those projects would be executed jointly or through groups or subcontractors.
The deal will also allow subsidiaries of Sonelgaz Group, which activate in industrial production, to export their products (equipment and materials) to Mauritania and other countries of the continent, as explained at the signing ceremony.
The Sonelgaz group counts three equipment manufacturing subsidiaries and five units for works.
Under this partnership, Sonelgaz group plans to settle in Mauritania through the creation of several business groupings with the companies belonging to the Mauritanian group HB.
According to Arkab, the Sonelgaz group will provide Mauritania, which is expanding its electricity and gas network, “with high quality products at competitive prices (cables, accessories, engines, pylons …).”
“We ambition to open prospects for long term partnership, which can go beyond the Mauritanian borders and extent to Mali and Senegal,” added the CEO.
This partnership also encompasses study, engineering, management and the exploitation of projects.

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