Sonatrach personnel continue to ensure production in Krechba gas field

APS : Tuesday, 22 March 2016
ALGIERS- Group Sonatrach said Tuesday that its personnel will continue to ensure production and operate the installations of the gas plantof Krechba,
(200 km south of El Goléa, Ghardaïa), which was targeted Friday by an attack without causing human or material damage.
“Sonatrach staff will continue to ensure the production and operate the facilities, in line with the procedures in force on the site,” said a statement from the Oil Group, who notes that the production has even increased to 19.5 million m3 per day in Krechba and in In Salah against 18 million m3 / day before the incident.
Meanwhile, the same decision was made to restart the gas processing facility in In -Amenas, which were under revision.
The Krechba plant produced daily 18 million m3 of dry gas carried by a gas pipeline to Hassi Rmel. Its production is set to increase by the commissioning of three remaining deposits.
Gas production in Tiguentourine plant (In-Amenas) has also been raised from 13.5 million m3 to 15 million m3 per day, Sonatrach says.
After finding that the safety and technical conditions were met and assured, Sonatrach decided to reopen the wells and put the plant back into operation on the day of the incident at midnight.
This recovery, which was carried out gradually by the staff, allowed to achieving the targeted production levels.
In Salah project is composed of 7 fields. Four of them are jointly operated by Sonatrach, BP and Statoil.
Following the attack attempt which has not “impacted on the integrity of personnel and facilities,” the production had been momentarily suspended by personnel of Sonatrach, in conformity with the emergency procedure, willing to prevent all risks.
“Sonatrach senior officials and authorities were present on the site on the day, to ensure security and technical conditions. Sonatrach has shared all the information available with its partners”, said Sonatrach, which gives “the highest importance to the safety of all personnel and the integrity of installations.”

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