Sonatrach at Gastech Conference in USA

ALGIERS- National hydrocarbon company Sonatrach is taking part in the international conference “Gastech,” held from 16 to 19 September in Houston (Texas) in the United States of America,
said Tuesday a communiqué of the national oil group.
Led by its CEO Rachid Hachichi, Sonatrach’s delegation is made up of top officials with an expertise in the different hydrocarbon trades, said the document.
During this international meeting, Hachichi took part in a high-level panel under the theme: the management of the growing risks of the evolution of the economic models through the adaptation of new industrial strategies to a low carbon emission world.
Hachichi will also exchange views with officials and leaders of other foreign companies and integrated energy companies on the mutual expertise and indentify opportunities that could be developed into win-win partnership, on the sidelines of the works of this international conference.
Pointing out that this world-renowned event is considered as the most important professional meeting space for the professionals of gas, energy and liquefied natural gas (GNL) insofar as they meet to discuss the different economic models related to the global energy chain.
It will also brings together “high-level” personalities representing the biggest players of the world gas industry in order to take up the industry’s urgent challenges and to share their forecasts concerning the future of the industry.

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