Situation, conducive to boost Algerian-French economic cooperation, says FCE

APS : Sunday, 13 March 2016
TLEMCEN (Algeria)- The Managers Forum (FCE) said that Sunday in Tlemcen that the situation was conducive to “boost” the bilateral cooperation between Algeria and France.
In a statement at the Algeria-France economic forum, being held in Tlemcen, FCE assistant president Hocine Metidji recalled that the meeting is held in “a crucial period of Algeria’s history, which has just adopted a new constitution consolidating freedom of business and investment” and “prepare for deep reforms planned by the government to establish an economic model connected to the global economy and generate growth and jobs.”
“There is a correlation between the strategic economic choices of both countries, France looks to recover its industry and Algeria seeks to diversify its economy,” he underlined while noting that “we have common interests.”
For the FCE, it is time to give “a deeper meaning” to Algiers Declaration of Friendship and Cooperation between France and Algeria, signed on 19 December 2012, by Presidents Abdelaziz Bouteflika and Francois Hollande.
Hocine Metidji, said that this meeting will be crowned by “the creation of follow-up committee.” He declared that the “FCE wants to build strategic alliance with France which know-how is indisputable in some sectors.”

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