Renewable energy: Algeria seeks “exceptional” partnership with Germany

APS : Thursday, 18 March 2021

ALGIERS-Algeria intends to develop an “exeptional” partnership with Germany in areas relating to energy efficiency, renewable energy and the establishment of “Green” Hydrogen Plan,
said Wednesday in Algiers Minister of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy, Chems Eddine Chitour.
“Our country intends to develop an exceptional partnership with Germany in all areas concerning energy efficiency, renewable energy and support in the implementation of a Green Hydrogen Plan,” said Chitour, during his participation in the international conference on energy transition “Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue21”, held by video conference.
“In line with the cooperation with Germany, Algeria plans, through its comprehensive plan, to develop renewable energy and generate green hydrogen that will gradually replace natural gas,” he said.
“It is very pleasant to discuss the role of energy transition in the next decade, first to overcome the economic consequences of COVID-19 and for what it offers as opportunities for change towards a future more environmentally responsible and more circular, “he stressed.
In this regard, Chitour expressed his willingness to take advantage of this meeting to share with participating countries the vision of Algeria in terms of energy transition in the short and long term, which is based on a triptych: a new energy model, a large-scale development of renewable energy and the promotion of energy sobriety and efficiency.
According to the Minister, “the rapid, major and structural changes in the global energy scene have put Algeria before important challenges and issues, namely the diversification of its energy sources to free itself, gradually, from its dependence on hydrocarbons, ensuring energy security for future generations and the development of an economy based on technology to serve humanity.

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