Renewable energies: Invitation to tender for investors to generate electricity

APS : Monday, 24 October 2016
ALGIERS- An invitation to tender for investors will be soon launched for the construction of electricity generation facilities from renewable energies, which will be conditioned by the implementation of investments in the field of industry, announced Monday Minister of Energy Noureddine Bouterfa.
This call for tenders will bring into competition investors “to ensure an environment conducive to the development of renewable energies and to cut the price of Kilowatt-hour from renewable energies,” said the minister in his speech at the 7th Fair of Renewable Energies (ERA 2016) held in Oran.
“For several considerations such as the reduction in the costs of equipment in the international market and the growing resort, in all the world, to the call for tenders and the reduction of the Kilowatt-hour produced from renewable energies, Algeria will resort to this mechanism to protect the consumers by offering a clean and sustainable energy with the lowest possible prices,” stressed the minister.
This call will offer the possibility to the investors to build power generation facilities from renewable energies in previously selected sites, added the minister.

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