Relaxing procedures to promote Destination Algeria

APS : Sunday, 14 April 2019
CONSTANTINE – The participants in the 3rd International Show “Cirta-Syaha 2019” opened Sunday in Constantine insisted the importance of “relaxing” the administrative and banking procedures,
notably to “promote destination Algeria.”
According to Head of the National Federation of Hoteliers (FNH) Hadj Oulbachir, “several constraints in relation to the legislation governing the tourism sector and the banking system hold back the tourism development,” hence the importance “to consider lasting solutions to relax the procedures relating investment projects and destination Algeria.”
“Out of the 230 National Tourism Expansion Zones (ZETs) planned almost a decade ago, as part of the Tourism Development Plan, only 24 have come into operation, while the rest are still in the stage of project,” he said.
The development of the tourism sector is “everyone’s responsibility, from the taxi driver to the customs and police,” said the official, adding the country counts 1,960 classified hotels already operational, pending the “subsequent” delivery of 1,650 other hotel infrastructures under construction.

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