Raouya stresses in Tunis IBD countries’ economic challenges

APS : Thursday, 05 April 2018
ALGIERS – Finance Minister Abderrahmane Raouya underlined in Tunis the challenges the Islamic Development Bank (IBD) member counties are confronted to,
mentioning the reforms launched by Algeria to curb the impact of oil prices fall, said Thursday the ministry.
Speaking at the plenary session of the 43rd meeting of the IDB Governing Council, held on 4 -5 April in Tunis, Raouya highlighted the Bank’s performances and the prospects for its development, as well as its efforts to underpin the development of the member countries’ economies, added the source.
He led the Algerian delegation at the IDB Governing Council in Tunis, Raouya also outlined the progress of the main indexes of the national economy
He mainly emphasized the reforms initiated by Algeria to cope with the impact of the drop in hydrocarbon prices and the measures taken to ensure greater rigor and rationalization of public spending while strengthening growth through the mobilization of new resources, explains the ministry.

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