Production of dates: Over 1.6 million qls expected in Ouargla

OUARGLA (Algeria)- august 27th 2019
A production of 1,661,920 quintals of dates is expected in Ouargla (800-km south of Algiers) in the current season, the local agriculture administration said Monday.
The projected harvest concerns mainly three main varieties, namely “Deglet-Nour” (fine dates), “Ghers” (soft dates) and “Degla-Beida” (dry dates), with an average yielding of 68 quintals per hectare, the source said.
The harvest this season is expected to be “good” with an increase of more than 11,000 quintals compared with last year “if weather conditions remain favorable.”
One of the leading Algerian provinces in date production, in terms of both quantity and quality, Ouargla has more than 2.6 million of date palms scattered over an area of 24,000 hectares.

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