Petroleum partnership in Algeria: investment conditions ensure equitable sharing of risks, benefits

APS : Tuesday, 17 April 2018
ORAN (Algeria)- Minister of Energy Mustapha Guitouni said Monday in Oran that investment conditions in petroleum partnership in Algeria ensure equitable sharing of risks and benefits.
“Investment conditions and the improvement of the general environment for hydrocarbon activities are expected to result in a better visibility for our partners and ensure an equitable sharing of risks and benefits,” Guitouni said in an opening address at the 11th scientific and Technical Day’s (April 16-19) at the Convention Center of Oran (432-km west of Algiers).
“Those conditions, which are still being improved, will lead to more incentives in oil and gas exploration and production with the partners of Algeria.”
The Algerian official expressed Algeria’s determination to “boost relations with its partners and potential investors.”
The minister said measures are under consideration to promote partnership in the new law on hydrocarbons, under preparation.
Those measures will result in a “better attractiveness in national mining sector,” he added.

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