New York Times dubs 22nd February popular movement “unique in Arab world”

ALGIERS-The pacifism that characterized the 22nd popular movement, an unprecedented event since the independence of Algeria in 1962
, to attract the interest of international press including the New York Times that qualified demonstrations “a unique revolution in the Arab world.”
In article published Monday, the daily considered that “this unfolding and so far bloodless revolution perhaps is unique in the Arab world,” say the protesters and Algeria analysts.
“What we’ve lived in five months, the Arab world hasn’t seen in 40 years,” said a former government minister and ambassador, Abdelaziz Rahabi.
“So don’t tell me things are going badly,’’ he said. ‘‘And nobody has been killed. There’s nothing similar in the Arab world.”
“We’ve removed a president without exiling him,” as in Tunisia, Rahabi said. “Without imprisoning him,” as in Egypt. “And without killing him,” as in Libya, he continued.
Algerians “expressed pride in what had been accomplished so far by Algeria’s low-key revolution. Whether bluffing or not, the activists expressed relative serenity about the future,” wrote the newspaper.

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