Need to strengthen Algeria-US economic cooperation

APS : Saturday, 04 February 2017
WASHINGON- Algeria and the United States should further strengthen their economic cooperation up to a level commensurate with their strategic security partnership, said in Washington Algerian senator and business managers.
During a debate entitled “Algeria and the United State: New dawn on the horizon?”,” organized by the American Think Tank, the Center for Transatlantic Relations, the participants underlined the need to advance towards a new cooperation between the two countries, focusing on the development of economy and investments.
The American think tank invited to the two-hour debate Algerian Senator Hafida Benchehida, chairman of the Algerian-US Business Council (USABC) Smail Chikhoune and industrialist Slim Othmani.
Benchehida said that the two countries, linked by strong security partnership, have to “open a new page on their relationships by increasing and enhancing what exists already.”
The senator underlined the necessity to strengthen partnership in training, education and teaching of English language.
She added that Algeria should make further effort in terms of communication and marketing to sell destination Algeria, and highlight the major reforms by the government in the field.
The Senator also emphasized Algeria’s role in strengthening regional security, especially its peace efforts in conflicts in Mali and Libya, adding that its stability offers favourable climate for investment.
For his part, Smail Chikhoune, said that the US economic presence in Algeria, mainly in the energy sector, has begun to diversify and more and more US companies have been involved in major partnership projects in the sectors of agriculture and pharmaceutical industry over the past years.
He also suggested to move towards a free trade area given the high volume of trade between the two countries, adding that the 51/49 rule governing foreign investments is no more an obstacle to US companies, as many of them, like General Electric, are currently investing in Algeria.

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