Moscow’s International Food Exhibition: Algerian agricultural products arouse keen interest

APS : Thursday, 14 September 2017
MOSCOW- The 26th International Food Exhibition “World Food Moscow-2017,” organized from 11 to 14 September in Moscow, has confirmed the reputation of Algeria’s dates on the Russian market,
while other Algerian agricultural products aroused a keen interest among Russian operators.
Already available since years in the Russian market, the Algerian exporters specialized in dates have managed to reinforce their special place by renewing their agreements and signing others with new partners.
The company “Haddoud Salim,” the largest exporter of the Algerian dates with 5,000 tones, including 1,000 tones towards Russia, “has made an important participation in the Exhibition of Moscow by achieving the objectives that it set, including finding new partners to increase the market shares,” the company’s director general Salim Haddoud told APS.
This feeling of satisfaction was shared among other exporters of dates, like the manager of the company “Biodattes Algérie,” Faycal Khebizat who affirmed that the objective of his participation in this exhibition is “to establish our presence in the Russian market through the conclusion of new agreements.”
Director general of “Prestige Dattes” company Mohamed Tahar Boukellal who welcomed the fact that his company “exports the largest volume of the Algerian dates to Russia with 4,000 tones.”

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