Macron for strengthening relations through multi-sectoral partnerships

APS : Tuesday, 14 February 2017
ALGIERS – Emmanuel Macron, candidate for the presidential elections 2017 in France, said Tuesday in Algiers that the relations between Algeria and France should be strengthened through multi-sectoral partnerships.
“The consolidation of the relation between Algeria and France depends on a series of strong partnerships, a diplomatic, security, academic, cultural, linguistic and educational partnership, ands also an economic partnership,” he told the press following a meeting with Minister of Industry and Mines, Abdesselam Bouchouareb.
“We have considered the importance of files relating to the renewable energies, notably the solar energy for which many calls to tender will be launched. We have also broached our willingness to reinforce this partnership through infrastructures and exchange of competences,” he added.
He said that avenues of cooperation were possible in the field of infrastructures and construction, logistics and food processing.
Macron also met with President of the Managers Forum (FCE), Ali Haddad.
Following the meeting, he told the press that France and its companies should contribute to the diversification of the Algerian economy.
Mentioning the digital technology, the candidate to the French presidential elections unveiled the existence of “extremely solid” partnership in Algeria, which is the second largest French-speaking market after France, citing the possibility of the creation of “digital big firms” as part of an Algerian-French cooperation.
Stressing that an important part of cooperation relies on energy, Macron said that Algeria had the possibility to be the world’s largest solar energy supplier.
During his meeting with Haddad, the two officials broached the capacity to develop entrepreneurship in stable and open business environment, supported by a geographic mobility between the two countries that will help to reach those economic objectives.
This Algerian-French partnership will be important both for Algeria, seeking to diversify its economy and for the French companies which will develop their “performance.”

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