Levet: Many regions in Algeria are in full development

APS : Tuesday, 26 December 2017
PARIS- Many regions in Algeria are in full development thanks to an “undeniable” industrial dynamism said Jean-Louis Levet, Senior official for Algerian-French industrial and technological cooperation
for the French government.
“It is clear that territories in Algeria are in full development. For example, the area of Setif and Bordj Bou Arreridj (I’m thinking about the economic and social areas, not specific administrative divisions) is of an undeniable industrial dynamism,” he said in an interview that will be published in the January issue of the ParisAlger Magazine, a quarterly magazine dedicated to economic, political and cultural relations between France and Algeria.
The French official said that this area, which noted development notably in electrical appliances, mechanics, electronics, and the building sector, has “changing universities that seek to develop their ties with local enterprises, thus creating new ecosystems.”
He also spoke about the city of Ouargla where, according to him, “it is surprising to see how the new almost finished streetcar, built by Alstom, allows to give a new boost to the town, by linking the old town to the new industrial and university districts,” highlighting the development of cities by establishing relations with others, near or far.

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