International exhibition of Olive Oils: Modernizing production and marketing

APS : Saturday, 10 March 2018
ALGIERS – The agricultural ministry has been working in recent years to establish a modern scientific base and a policy to modernize olive growing, production and marketing of olive and olive oil in Algeria,
according to the participants in the 2nd International Exhibition of Olive, Olive Oils, Process and Olive Derivatives” Med Mag Oliva Algeria,” which wrapped up Saturday at the Exhibition Centre (Algiers).
Several investors are contributing to the success of this initiative, which remains dependent on the scientific and material support to be provided to farmers and operators activating in this sector, and this, by facilitating the procedures of importing modern equipments able to help improve production conditions, say industry officials.
During the workshops organized as part of the event, participants underlined the importance of “investing more in agro-food processing industries,” particularly in the olive oil production and derivatives sector, which, in their view, allow to increase exports.
This exhibition, which saw the participation of local and international farmers, national and international schools and institutes, was an opportunity to call for multiplying research and scientific studies for the protection and enhancement of the agro-biological potential of this kind of trees, and thus contribute to the revival of olive growing and its expansion to the desert areas.
The revival of this activity will help diversify the national economy and strengthen the national market with locally manufactured and processed products, many participants said.

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