International conference on development project of cultural industry clusters in Algiers in October

APS : Wednesday, 04 May 2016
ALGIERS- The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) proposed the organization of an international conference in October, in Algiers, on the development project of the cultural industry clusters in the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean, said Tuesday a communiqué of the Deputy Ministry to the Ministry of National Planning, Tourism and Craft Industry, in charge of Craft Industry.
The Deputy Minister in charge of Craft Industry Aïcha Tagabou received Tuesday UNIDO’s experts to discuss the proposal of this international conference to which will take part industry ministries of seven countries involved in this project, said the source.
This conference aims at “opening the debate on the role of the cultural industry clusters in the economic development” and at “defining the obstacles preventing the development of these clusters on the basis of the participating countries’ experience.”
The deputy minister broached the progress of the works of the programme relating to the development of two copperware industry clusters in Constantine and of traditional jewellery in Batna, hailing the achievements made in this regard.
For her part, the project’s coordinator in Algiers called to schedule training sessions for a central cell to manage the project.

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