Industry: Tamazirt receives UK Minister of State for International Trade

ALGIERS- Minister of Industry and Mines Djamila Tamazirt received Monday UK minister of State for international trade, Conor Burns, who is on a working visit to Algeria, the ministry said in a statement.
During the meeting, Tamazirt presented the broad lines of the government’s strategy to diversify national economy, emphasizing the actual potential of bilateral cooperation.
The minister stressed that industrial partnership between the two countries can be boosted in some fields such as renewable energy, pharmaceutical industry, infrastructures, and information and communication technology (ICT).
She also stressed government’s efforts to improve business climate, mentioning the latest decisions taken by government in relation to the rule of 51/49 percent (governing foreign investments).
Tamazirt wished the UK companies to strengthen their presence in the Algerian market and seize the opportunity it offers to them to penetrate the African market, through partnership projects with Algerian operators.
The UK official, for his part, said Algeria is the second country he has visited after Brazil, as a part of a mission to boost cooperation with partner nations and reduce the impact of Brexit.
In this respect, he expressed wish that meetings be organized between senior officials of the two countries, to set up “new mechanisms” ensuring “continuity of cooperation between our two countries after the Brexit.”

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