Implementation of Algerian renewable energy strategy accelerates

ALGIERS-Algeria’s renewable energy strategy “accelerates,” said the Oxford Business Group (OBG) in a recent study, referring to the establishment on May of a ministry of renewable energy.
In May, the new government created the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy to focus efforts on energy security and sustainability,” stated the source, stressing that the new ministry is tasked with boosting the role of clean energy in the country’s generating mix in line with the goals of the Renewable Energy Programme (REP), first launched in 2011.
The programme was updated last year, with a target to increase renewable capacity to 22,000 MW by 2030, in turn raising its contribution from 2% of the energy mix to 27%.
Solar photovoltaic (PV) will make up the lion’s share of commissioned projects at 61.7% followed by wind (22.7%), thermal solar (9%), biomass (4.5%), cogeneration (1.8%) and geothermal (0.07%).
One of the biggest projects under the aegis of the REP is a 4-GW solar project, first announced by the government in March. When completed, the project will account for almost a third of the 13,575 MW worth of PV projects to be carried out under the REP.
At present, there are just two PV manufacturing plants in Algeria – a factory near Batna with the capacity to produce 30 MW of PV panels, operated by French-Algerian joint venture Aurès Solaire; and a 50-MW capacity facility in Bordj Bou-Arreridj run by the local firm Condor Electronics.

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