ILO launches project to promote female entrepreneurship in Algeria

APS : Sunday, 03 April 2016
ALGIERS- International Labour Organisation (ILO)’s Maghreb office has launched a project to develop and promote women’s entrepreneurship in Algeria,
whose rate remains low compared to the average.
The project, called “Women for growth,” is mainly meant to increase the number of women-run companies and micro-enterprises, which do not exceed 12% of the total number of firms created in the Maghreb, the project’s technical adviser, José Manuel Medina, said at a workshop on female entrepreneurship.
The 12-month programme is intended for supporting nearly 1,200 women in managing their companies, Medina said.
Public bodies like the National Agency for Support to Youth Employment (ANSEJ), the National Agency for Microcredit Management (ANGEM), the National Fund of Unemployment Insurance (CNAC), the General Directorate of Small and Medium-sized Companies (DGPME) and craft industry chambers will benefit from the project.
Other private institutions and groups, such as the General Confederation of Algerian Employers (CGEA), the Association of Green Economy’s Women (AFEV) and the national organization Women and Rural Development (ANFEDR) will also get the support of the programme, financed by the US Department of State.

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