GTAC-2016/International Tour of Annaba (4th and last event): Italian Wackerman final winner of yellow jersey

APS : Tuesday, 22 March 2016
ANNABA (Algeria)- Italian cyclist Luca Wackerman riding for Nasr-Dubai won the Annaba International Cycling Tour, seventh event of the GTAC-2016,
of which the fourth and last event was won Tuesday by his teammate, Moroccan Essaid Abelouache.
At the end of the event raced from the city of Annaba to the heights of Seraidi on a distance of 119 kilometers, Essaid Abelouache clocked 2h53:44 ahead of his two teammates Wackerman (2h53:48) and Algerian Adil Barbari (2h53:52).
On the individual overall ranking, Luca Wackerman won the yellow jersey of the Annaba Tour, while the red jersey of the best sprinter was won by Algerian Adil Barbari. Moroccan Essaid Abelouache won the polka dot jersey of best climber and the white jersey of best hopeful went to Algerian Abderrahmane Mansouri.

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