Global Group: Algerian KIA cars to be exported to Mauritania

APS : Wednesday, 24 October 2018
NOUAKCHOTT- Algeria Global Group will export KIA cars, assembled in Algeria, to Mauritania and will invest in the logistic services, thanks to the signing on
Tuesday of two cooperation and partnership agreements with the Mauritanian group “HB” Bouchraya.
The Algerian group will, through its two subsidiaries Diaz Export and Diaz Invest, join with the group HB Bouchraya, for the distribution and marketing this year of Algerian KIA cars, assembled locally, to Mauritania and countries of West Africa, announced Director General Diaz Export Sofiane Mourad.
This operation is part of Algeria’s efforts to promote non-hydrocarbon exports in order to achieve the economic complementarity with neighboring countries where the group is working, through its subsidiaries, for the building of logistic bridges likely to encourage trading, movement of people and goods and the bilateral economic cooperation.
According to the source, Diaz Invest will be in partnership and cooperation with the group HB Bouchraya, to set up a free trade area and create an Algerian-Mauritanian transport company, whose headquarters will be established in the region of Bir Moghrein, located 400km from the Algerian-Mauritanian borders.
This agreement will establish a logistic basis offering high-quality services by facilitating the transport and storage of products in Mauritania and countries of West Africa, in addition to the creation of jobs for the region’s youths.

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