GECF: Guitouni advocates joint action to address current challenges

MOSCOW-Energy Minister Mustapha Guitouni said Wednesday in Moscow the member countries of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) should engage in joint actions to address the current challenges facing the natural gas industry.
Speaking at the 19 meeting of the GECF, Guitouni urged member countries “to find adequate solutions part of in cooperative spirit” in order to meet the challenges facing the industry of natural gas.
He recalled that “the energy policies adopted by many member countries of the OECD had negative impact on demand for gas.”
He also spoke of the overcapacity of production induced by “the emergence of supply and export centres, particularly shale gas.”
As for the constraints caused priority to “short-term projects in the industry of natural gas,” the minister urged exporting countries to better organize themselves to defend their interests through the development of exhaustible and non-renewable natural resources.
Concerning the key role of technology, the minister expressed satisfaction with the decision taken during this 19th meeting to establish the GECF’s Gas Research Institute in Algeria, “a historical decision and a major step in the consolidation of cooperation between member countries.”

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