Gabon seeks sustainable economic partnership with Algeria

APS : Thursday, 29 November 2018
LIBREVILLE (GABON)-Secretary General of the Trade Ministry, Cherif Omar, held talks Wednesday in Libreville with Gabon’s Minister of Industry and National Entrepreneurship, Estelle Ondo,
and his counterpart from the same country.
The meetings focused on economic partnership. They are part of the specific exhibition of Algerian products which is being held in the Gabonese capital from 27 November to 2 December.
Ondo lauded the organization of this Algerian exhibition, first of its kind in Gabon, and stressed that this event will further enhance bilateral trade ties.
Algeria made several achivements in various areas, notably agriculture, said Ondo, who also called to enhance bilateral cooperation.
Algeria must move towards “competitive” and “powerful” south-south cooperation, said the minister.
Accompanied by many Algerian economic operators, Omari stressed that there are many cooperation opportunities in various areas, and Algeria seeks to develop its non-hydrocarbon exports and boost industry to diversify its economy and strengthen its presence on the African continent.
Omari recalled that the two-year roadmap developed by Trade Minister, Said Djellab, which aims at multiplying Algerian economic events abroad.
Besides, the meeting was an opportunity for Algerian economic operators to get informed of the facilitations provided to investors willing to enter the Gabonese market.
Ngoulakia said that Gabon committed to the development of industry and trade, and stressed the need to engage in a “sustainable” cooperation with Algeria.
Gabon’s Investment Promotion Agency (ANPI) supports foreign investors to enter the Gabon market under a “win to win” framework, Ngoulakia told the Algerian delegation.
For his part, Omar welcomed the exhibition and expressed the hope that it would culminate in partnerships between both countries’ economic operators.
Held at the botanical garden of Gabon, this exhibition stretches over an area of 1,500m² and houses 70 Algerian operators working in the fields of agriculture, food-processing, automotive industry, household appliances, electronics, chemistry, petro-chemistry and public works.

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