Maritime transport: New measures to facilitate non-hydrocarbon exports

APS : Thursday, 24 March 2016
ALGIERS- Minister of Transport, Boudjelaa Talai said Thursday, in Algiers, that new measures will be applied in commercial ports to facilitate and increase the exportation of hydrocarbons, which only represents 10% of the overall volume transiting through ports.
In 2015, 42 millions of tons of imported goods transited through the 10 commercial ports of Algeria against 5 million tons only of exported products. The imported products represent 90 % of the goods that transited through the ports, excluding air and road freight, said Talai.
The minister spoke during a meeting with the general managers of commercial ports, representatives of the ministries of Finances, Trade, and the General Directorate of National Security as well as the General Directorate of Customs to determine the necessary mechanisms for the promotion of exports.
According to the minister, among the problems impeding the exports of Algerian products is the transport issue, which favoured imports to the detriment of exports.
To change this trend, Talai insisted on the implementation of a new organization of ports which favours exports, in collaboration with other stakeholders in this operation, including the customs and trade services.
Talai’s goal is to increase the volume of goods processed for export to 10% every year by 2019.

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