The Ministry of Public Works and SAFEX are organizing the 14th edition of the International Exhibition of Public Works from 23 to 27 November 2016.
This event is an opportunity for foreign companies to take advantage of the potential of the Algerian market in public works and related sectors. The Exfibition became a major crossroads of trade between manufacturers, distributors, national and international subcontractors, looking for new products, services or partner.
Key figure SITP 2015:
-Surfaces Exposure of 22 148 m²,
-360 Exhibitors including 167 international companies
-12 Participating countries are: Germany, Belgium, China, Spain, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Tunisia and Turkey.
Exposing (sectors):
• -Large works basic structures and technical facilities;
• Road maintenance
• -Equipment of the road, road signs, airport and sea
• Lifting Salary and handling.
• workshops-means and equipment for public works
• -Topographie, measuring and monitoring the quality of materials.
• -Engineering, research and development, protection and control.
• -The information systems, communications and new technologies.
• -The public institutions, training institutions and professional organizations.
• -Workshops installation of the equipment.
Visitors Profile:
-The Professionals with a direct or indirect connection with public works, (Distributors, services ….) Related sectors
-The Grand Public
-The Professional media (written press, radio, TV).
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1. Download, fill out and save the application form on the following link: file: /// C: /Users/Toshiba%20PC/Downloads/mobilier_sitp_1.pdf
2. browse the completed application to:

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