Algeria-Russia: Commercial contracts to export over 4,000 tons of dates concluded

APS : Saturday, 28 September 2019
ALGIERS-Algerian exporters specializing in date production have said that their participation in the World Food Moscow 2019 was an opportunity to conclude commercial contracts to export more than 4,000 tonnes
of dates to Russia and other European countries.
In a statement to APS at the end of this international economic event, Algerian exporters reported that their regular participation in international exhibitions and fairs enabled promotion of the highly-prized Algerian dates.
They said they had received numerous requests at the exhibition for date export, adding that Korean, Chinese, Finnish, Indonesian, and Indian operators had expressed their wish to conclude commercial contracts for the import of Algerian dates,
including the variety “Deglet Nour,” ranked among the best international dates varieties.
The Manager of “Haddadou company” for dates production, Salim Haddadou, said his company had concluded, at the exhibition, a contract with a Russian distribution company to export nearly 1,000 tons of dates to Russian markets.
The compnay also received further requests from Indonesia, India, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, which are currently under consideration, he added.
Moreover,the manager of Bouarfa date company, Achab Mouloud, said that a contract had been concluded with a Russian company for the export of dates as early as October 2019, adding that a volume of 110 tons would initially be exported.
For his turn, the owner of “Toumour Djazairia” company, Ben Abdelhalim Mokaddem, said that his company had signed a contract with a Russian company for the export of 400 tons of dates from February 2020.
On the other hand, Algerian date producer, processor and exporter Mehdi Bouguendoura pointed out that his company “Razan” had been present on the European market for five (5) years, noting that Algerian dates had successfully penetrated major markets in Europe, Africa and Asia.
However, he pointed out that the quantities of dates requested by foreign distributors exceeded the production capacity of his company, which was still able to export more than 2,500 tons of dates abroad.
According to Khaldoun Al-Asmar, one of the largest distributors of dates in the Middle East at “World Food Moscow,” Algerian dates have been in high demand in more than 35 countries since 2008.

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